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Internet Tracking

What Does iDiary Internet Tracking Tell Us?

The iDiary system tracks every web site and URL visited by a scientifically selected, representative sample of the Natural Population of a target web site.

Tracking data tells us:

who visited which web site
how many times they visited each site
how long they stayed at the sites
where they came from
where they left to
and much, much more...

Secondly, for the target site itself, the iDiary tracking data will measure the activity (as described above) for key destination areas of the site. This activity can be broken down for key demographic groups. The only limitation to the granularity of this analysis is sample size.

Integrating Behavior with Attitudinal Data

Behavior data are integrated with respondents' thoughts and feelings about their behavior. The qualitative information is captured by on-line surveys at the beginning and end of the tracking period.

The result is an integrated behavior and attitudinal database for a sample that is representative of the Natural Population of the target site. Capturing actual Internet behavior as opposed to relying on the recall abilities of respondents, significantly improves the accuracy and reliability of the data. In this regard the iDiary system is unique and superior to the various Internet measurement systems available.

Additional Advantages of the iDiary System

Custom Tracking

The iDiary tracking software has enormous flexibility.
For example:
Tracking software can readily be adapted to compare shopping cart behavior of a web site's Natural Population at competing sites. Or, it can compare investment queries at competing web sites. The only limitation is the level of privacy respondents in the study are willing to cede.

Custom Analysis

The analysis software can be adapted to a wide range of client needs.
For example:
iDiary analysis software can analyze the behavior of any group that has been identified in the on-line surveys. It can analyze behavior at a the microlevel (domain grouping) and at the macro level (domains grouped by subject category).

Custom Population Sampling

Although normally the iDiary system samples from the Natural Population of a web site, occasionally clients may have databases from which they may wish to select a sample for iDiary tracking and analysis e.g., a car manufacturer has a database a new car buyers, a brokerage company has a database of investors. The iDiary system can readily be modified to accommodate custom population sampling.

High Response Rate

A unique sampling methodology maximizes the response rate, both with respect to initial participation, and continued response for all phases of a study. A high response increases accuracy of sample estimates and reliability of conclusions.

Competitive Intelligence

Not only does iDiary provide in-depth demographic analysis of the behavior of the Natural Population at a target site, it reveals how the Natural Population uses competitive sites. This information is crucial for a web site to maintain its market share, as well as providing strategic information on how to attract users from competing sites.

Marketing Blueprint

The iDiary system provides a quantitative picture of what web sites are visited by which demographics of the Natural Population of visitors to a target site. This information provides the blueprint for the marketing department to mount a surgically precise ad campaign over the Internet for the purpose of attracting those most likely to visit the site, or buy the product or service being sold there.

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